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eco xl: the foldable and smart basket

The basket is your balcony, your cockpit, that magical place where not only you have to feel at home, but from where you will enjoy your journey from start to end. With the ECO XL we are elevating the standard of foldable basket designs, from all points of view. From the materials used, to the attention to detail, to the innovative features it offers and its final weight and size.  The structure has been designed for offering an unparalleled level of protection to its occupants. The aerospace titanium welded structure delivers ultimate strength, with unmatched elasticity and shock absorbing characteristics. The 4 side walls have a special lightweight composite honeycomb sandwich inside, for superior impact resistance with an additional shock absorbing foam on the inside. All walls have special attaching points for fixing your gas tanks or the VTU battery.  The floor is CNC cut from an anti-slip composite honeycomb sandwich that offers both resistance, longevity and low weight. ible poids. 

As pilots, we designed solutions to make your life easier, like the exclusive front access door, the fixed burner frame with the quick disconnect burner system, a set of internal pockets to keep the necessary items at hand, and the exclusive kit to transform your basket in a bike trailer, allowing for a fully new type of adventures to take place. The ECO XL basket offers great comfort for two people and up to 4 tanks of gas. It has been designed to be easily assembled by one single person in 5 to 10 minutes, and in 5 minutes or less by two persons. No screwing or tooling are required.

It comes with all kind of accessories like a heavy duty waterproof transport bag, its set of carbon fiber/polyurethane poles for assembly, the vertical pole covers with velcro instrument attachment systems, and a quick-release system for take-off. We also offer our own specific tank covers with built in attachment webbing to match your basket. The ECO XL  is of course designed to accept our VTU system, so that you will not miss anything for your next adventure!



Empty weight: 45kg/ 99lbs.

(The burner frame is included, being part of the basket)

Max gross weight: 450 kg/ 992 lbs

Designed to carry 2 persons and up to 4x 40 liters (10 US Gal) tanks inside. 

Designed and tested following ASTM F2355-14.

          8" wheel kit

Composite side protections

trailer weel.jpg

There is also an 8" wheel kit available for facilitating the ground handling of your basket if you store it assembled ready to take off from your backyard!

Wheels directly attach to the titanium bottom frame thanks to a set of stainless steel axles.


The basket features a set of 4 side walls with a built in composite sandwich for passenger protection, and a comfortable foam on the inside for increased comfort. Walls are cut in a way that allow the door to open and the basket to be folded down very easily for transport and storage. 



  • Fuel tanks VA50 or VA70

  • PockJET or PockJET2 burner

  • 2Kg powder fire extinguisher 

  • 80ft drag rope with carabiner and bag

  • First aid kit

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