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vectored thrust you can trust

FlyDOO's patent pending V.T.U. (Vectored Thrust Unit) offers you the freedom of steering, the peace of mind to know you will land where you want. A gamechanger device that is both clean, portable and easy to use, engineered and tested to the highest standards in order to deliver you an unprecedented maneuvering capability and safety level. 

It allows you to fly in areas you would otherwise not take into consideration. And you will never again experience to be stuck somewhere over a forest in zero wind conditions, unable to reach your landing which is maybe just few yards away...

It is about your piece of mind, knowing you now have a secret weapon always onboard.

All this advantages have been packed in a product that has been designed according to our philosophy: small, lightweight, foldable and portable, as we believe that through minimizing the machine we will enhance your flight and ownership experience. Assembly is easy and fast, using only quick connectors and requiring no tools (well, one single hex tool for the single propeller bolt). 

Very intuitive and easy to use, allows to operate the balloon in its traditional way. The assembly does not interfere in your take-off operations, and you rig it in working position only when you are in flight, if you think you are gonna need it later on (which once you get used to it, will always be the case!).

Maneuvering with the VTU is as easy as it could be. Using the accessible steering rudder with built in push-button throttle, you just make rotate the balloon till it reaches the desired position, then you center the rudder and you keep applying some gentle thrust to more forward in the desired direction. To stop, just release the throttle push button, and you are suddently on a regular free-flight hot air balloon (well, a special one). Nothing more to take care about!

Our VTU is very silent and typically gets used  only when it is needed. The flight experience remains globally the same magical one of a hot air balloon, but the capabilities of your aircraft drastically change, and for the better.







Brushless 10Kw for aerial applications with Hall temperature sensors

MGM Compro with in-flight touch screen display and PC configuration software

Paracell HL+ 49Ah 14S with digital BMS for charge management and cell temperature control, and built-in LCD screen for status. Energy density 215Wh/Kg. Maximum capacity  2,52Kwh. 

Composite two blade propeller of 140cm diameter, one bolt quick release connector.

Complete weight is 25kg/55lbs* including battery. System pack down in 3 different transport bags (motor assembly, battery, rack and propeller).                                                            *current version.

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