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We can be as good as our partners are !

be part of our great adventure!



As you know, we've been involved in designing and producing balloons for around 6 years now. What motivated us has always been passion, and the idea that the balloon market deserved something new, a stronger focus to innovation, and more attention to the demands and needs of the new generation of pilots, who will be the future of this sport, our sport. 

We endured a very difficult, expensive, and long certification process, since the entry barrier of this certified industry is so high, which explains why there are so few balloon manufacturers in the world, and why several small manufacturers disappeared during the last years. Somehow, with determination, faith, patience and passion, we managed to be here today, and to have the exciting opportunity to bring our products to more and more pilots and student pilots around the world. 

But in order to make our products available to the public in every country, we do have a precise strategy we intend to follow. We strongly believe that we can be as good as our distributors are. We want to develop a network of professional, competent, committed and motivated persons who will be our distributors, but also our ambassadors somehow: there is an obvious need to understand our philosophy, strategy, goals and values. 

On the other hand, we are people that listen: our products and roadmap will be influenced by your feedback, suggestions and demands ! You, as distributor, will in fact be part of our exciting journey, a journey that can bring FlyDOO as far as we, together with you, will collectively be able and willing to take it ! And we can tell you, we are quite ambitious ;-)

Long story short: if you are excited about what we do, you have a solid understanding of the balloon business and industry, and you think that FlyDOO can bring something positive to the market and you wish to get involved and make it happen, then there is an exciting and rewarding possibility awaiting you !


Get in touch with us today and let's discuss together! :-) 

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