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join now the light sport ballooning movement

If you are an official ballooning school, if you are an independent flight instructor, or if you are an expert pilot that has fallen in love with our concept and commits to become an instructor in the short term, you have right now a unique opportunity to be part of our movement, and help this become a new accessible sport for many people that till yesterday never considered to become balloon pilots, but that from now on they gradually will do so.

You are key in the success of this process we are trying to initiate, which is to try to make light sport ballooning an attractive outdoor sport for a wider audience: our dealers will exclusively be individuals or entities that can legally provide training to FlyDOO customers.  

We provide our partners with an interesting business opportunity, which requires committment but that can be clearly profitable and rewarding

Here are some keys of what becoming a Flydoo partner involves...

A special one-shot deal on a complete demo FlyDOO set-up so you can enjoy it, show it around and start schooling with it straight away!

You'll take part with your experience and feedback, to our ongoing effort to create a specific standarized FlyDOO Training Program that will have a high standard but that will also have to be adapted to light sport ballooning and our products in particular. 

Access the possibility to deal with incoming balloon sponsorship opportunities! This involves operating sponsored balloons that have been contracted directly to FlyDOO, but also benefit from our best in market opportunity to offer a competitive product to the advertising industry, benefitting from our sublimation printing technology and big manufacturing capacity. Make your business fly high with FlyDOO!

You'll become a FlyDOO brand ambassador and reseller! You'll get access to you our marketing-toolkit and assistance to make your business successful!

You'll get a special place in our website, where we will create a specific page for each of our partners and schools: a place to present yourself and make it easier for our audience to get in touch with you, and update your local FlyDOO community sharing your adventures and events!

We'll put it short and simple here: if you've liked what we do, you'll like what is still to come even more. Guaranteed. And if  you jump on board now, you'll benefit from all what our exciting roadmap has to offer you in the future. 

We'll love to hear from you soon. If you want to join our FlyDOO family, please start from filling this 

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