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The ideal pocket sized burner for the 21st century

Designing and producing the lightest burner of the world has been one of our most exciting challenges, as we really wanted to make something that stands out, and that sets a new standard in the production of lightweight burners for hot air ballooning. We questioned the status-quo under every aspect, then we started from an empty and white drawing board, as we did with every other part of FlyDOO, till we arrived here. 

We are proud of our PockJET: at something less than 7kg including two fuel hoses (15,4lbs), it weights half of the currently second lightest burner in the market.

We designed a simple but clever and effective springs-assisted quick-disconnect system, to allow to install and remove the burner from the frame in just seconds and pack it apart in its padded bag. 

We conceived the PockJET to meet our specific requirements: we needed a compact and light burner for equipping the lightest balloon in the world, and here is it, boosting a powerful main vapor flame and a silent liquid flame, that can be used in combination if you need that extra power. PockJET is simple and intuitive to use, and is produced with only quality materials applying very strict tolerances and with a great attention to detail.

A product you will love, you will rely on with confidence, and enjoy for many years to come. 

setting a new standard

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Designed to perform

Produced to last

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