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experimental  or certified balloons

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WeDOO is FlyDOO's family of innovative hot air envelopes, designed to break the mold and set new standards in the manufacturing of hot air balloons. They are designed in several sizes, to accomodate from 1 to 5 persons on board, while delivering the lightest and smallest package for making your life easier and the sport (or your professional activity) more enjoyable. WeDOOs are, in fact, the world lightest certified balloons commercially produced in their size, and also the most compact ones once folded: some of them can even be carried in a backpack! As an example, the WeDOO2200 weights only 50kg in its all-webbing version, which is consistently less than the weight of other manufacturers using the same exact fabric!

Every single detail has been carefully engineered following the philosophy "as light as it can get", involving the introduction of innovative solutions, but without compromise in the quality and reliability of the solutions and materials used. 

Our industrial manufacturing process involved laser cutting of all panels, regardless of the balloons size, for an unmatched precision and quality. A complete line of top quality accessories designed with functionality in mind, complements each envelope and will make your ownership experience a very smooth and satisfactory one.


Up to the WD30-20 we recommend our ultralight ripstop nylon (38gr/sqm) or our ultralight printable polyester (55gr/sqm). 

For bigger sizes, or any size actually, customers can opt for the regular Cirrus 5138 (Dunlop) Ripstop nylon (60-70gr/sqm). The upper balloon panels and parachute can be optionally made of Hyperlast from Dunlop (85-95gr/sqm).


Certified UL version is available for sizes up to the WD22-16  included (hybrid constructions with 1/3 load tapes and 2/3 load lines).

An RDS is available for balloons starting from the WD18. 

Turning vents are optional starting from the WD12. 

Overlapped or inlaid logos and graphics, as well as sublimation printing, are available. 

Specific panel cut schemes are available as well.

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We wanted to push the boundaries in respect to what can be achieved in producing an envelope which is as light as possible, but still getting it EASA Certified! We achieved this with our UL versions, which are "as light as a certified balloon can get", and which combine a traditional but highly optimised load webbing in the bottom third of the envelope, and a transition to a load lines on the upper two thirds of it, up to the crown ring. This load carrying line is a high-strength lines with Technora® fibres and LIROS Heat-Stretch-System to minimize stretch and creep. They are covered by water repellent polyester, and are placed inside the seam for additional protection. They provide excellent braking load characteristics, and are so thin and light that they contribute drastically in making the WeDOOs the lightest and more compact balloons around. Additionally, no more bulky and heavy webbings will cut and interfere with your artwork, since they are sewn internally! 


WeDOOs lightweight envelopes are produced using one of the finest high performance and durable Ripstop fabrics available in the flying sport industry today, the Skytex® from PorcherSPORT, entirely produced in Europe. It actually represents the best compromise between weight, performance and durability, with one of the finest polyurethane coatings available. It offers excellent water repellent and UV stability characteristics, and has proven its qualities in the balloon industry for years, beside having successfully passed several laboratory tests at FlyDOO. At only 38gr the square meter, no surprise this is one of they keys in making your envelope so light and portable!


FlyDOO's parachute has a tension relief 3D cut that allows it to naturally take the needed shape without compromising its longevity due to unregular pressure distribution. 


WeDOO envelopes come with 4 distinctive 3D winglets to make your balloon stand out from the rest. You can still choose their color in the 3D Configurator!


Custom produced lightweight and high-strength webbings are used for the horizontal envelope reinforcements. They combine lightness, with high strength and extreme foldability. 

The parachute activation chord is a high quality custom produced 6mm Kevlar rope covered with Polyester. Aramid has been specially treated with a special coating system that allows long life and supports extreme temperatures, between -30ºC and 350ºC. This allows us to use a thinner, lighter line. 


Our balloons are designed with extensive use of 3D design softwares for complex surfaces, which highly contributes to the smoothness of our designs. We have developed a proprietary procedure to accurately simulate the pressure distribution over the balloon surface, allowing us to perfectionate our designs accordingly. Production is carried out in a state of the art facility, ISO 9001:2015 certified, making extensive use of laser cutting and computer supported sewing machines for all critical seams,  achieving a high quality consistent result every time. We have a special Quality Assurance Program in place, in order to keep control of every production phase, traceability of raw materials, for every single envelope produced. 




Each balloon is delivered with a lightweight foldable bag that is ideal to take in flight with you. It features 3 internal and 2 external webbing compressors for keeping the volume as small as possible, and a backpack functionality, so that when you land on a terrain out of reach from a roadable trail, you can walk with your balloon till the nearest spot where your retrieving vehicle can arrive. Also a set of compressor webbings is delivered separately for helping folding down the envelope to the smallest possible size by one single person.  

In addition to the lightweight bag, we have designed 2 other high quality bags: a heavy duty bag for long time storage or transport (rectangular shape), which offers the highest possible protection for your envelope. It is completely padded with 20mm foam and has a waterproof heavy-duty fabric on all sides, for improved isolatation from humidity. Quality materials, robust manufacturing, practical carrying handles, external pocket and pvc transparent window for documents, complete the specs. We also have a quality and practicle Quick Bag for normal operations, featuring waterproof bottom and 8 handles, and including its own little bag for bringing it in flight with you.