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Radio controlled Mini FlyDOOs 

Paving the way to the release of our complete RC ballons including baskets and burners in Q1 2025, we are excited to release now to the market our range of RC model balloon envelopes, in 60 and 80 cubic meter sizes. 

Our "Mini FlyDOO" envelopes are made to the same high standards as our real size and certified balloons, using the same lightweight fabrics and sewing techniques. They come with all details that you would expect from a real down-sized replica of a real aircraft, and are here to provide you with a ready to fly highly customizable solution! 

Our Mini FlyDOOs are an ideal communication/marketing tool for corporate brands, on top of being a great relaxing hobby for balloon and all RC model enthusiasts. They can also provide an effective familiarization and pedagogic tool for flight schools!

  • VOLUME: 60 m3

  • WEIGHT: 4,9 Kg

  • COST: 2999€ + VAT, EXW

  • VOLUME: 80 m3

  • WEIGHT: 5,6 Kg

  • COST: 3399€ + VAT, EXW

Common specifications

The WeDOO60-24 and and the WeDOO80-24 are both slightly boulbous 24 gores designs beautifully crafter with our legendary lightweight nylon coated ripstop fabric (38 gr/sqm), available in a range of 16 different colors to meet your taste and ideas. They can be delivered in absolutely any color combinations, without any cost increase. As an option, we can also use out lightweight polyester with unlimited sublimation printing possibilities. 

They include a first line of Nomex panels as well as the Nomex scoop. All sewings are done with a 6mm double folded french seam, just like their big brothers. This provides the envelope with a beatiful finishing. These envelopes come with a closed top, but a real parachute vent is available optionally. 

Each envelope comes with a crown line, all clamped stainless steel flying wires and quicklinks, and a high quality very practical quick bag, which is also a replica of real quick-bag :-)

If you wish to customize your Mini FlyDOO envelope with logos, both printed, sewn or with stickers, please contact us and we will offer you the most suitable solution for your needs and budget-.


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