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think different

The solution against a hectic lifestyle: discover the magic of a silent, slow and smooth flight experience! Immerge yourself into the beauty of nature, slow down your fast-paced life and relax. We made it easier than ever! 

The first and only light sport balloon designed from the ground up with built-in versatility: ride with your gear to the nearest take off spot, float & fly  freely in the sky, and ride back home once landed exactly where you decided thanks to FlyDOO's unique steering capacity!

fly different

Welcome to the world of special things: like the taste of a morning coffee in the sky, like spotting indisturbed wildlife, like seing a ton of smiles around you when you fly by. Come onboard and become part of those who changed their perspective!


Designed for fun

The FlyDOO revolution is here to bring the joy of the most ancient form of human flight to a wide audience, delivering a modern feature-filled product that has been designed to be easy to use, safe, accessible and fun, for a new race of outdoor sport enthusiasts!


Finished are the days when a hot air balloon required a car trailer, a ground crew and a garage! Each part of a FlyDOO is the lightest, most compact and easiest to manipulate ever designed in its category, and you can easily fold, pack, transport and stock your gear in an apartment!

vectored thrust you can trust

FlyDOO's V.T.U. (Vectored Thrust Unit) offers you the freedom of steering, the peace of mind of knowing you will land where you want. A game-changer device that is both clean, portable and easy to use, engineered and tested to the highest standards in order to deliver you an unprecedented maneuvering capability and safety level. 

Patent pending


Customizing your balloon has never been easier and more fun! Pick your favorite colors and enjoy using the most advanced and immersive balloon configurator the industry has ever seen! Make your envelope stand out and represent your personality and creativity! Your exciting FlyDOO experience is just about to start, right here!


FlyDOO is here to revolutionize the balloon advertising industry by offering the most flexible and affordable aerial plarform to allow your brand to get noticed and your message to spread out effectively. Learn about the advantages of FlyDOO for advertising and discover our exclusive Half Balloon Program that makes balloon advertising finally accessible for small and medium enterprises! Launch our 3D configurator to see how your logo will look out in the sky!

FlyDOO tv

Quick facts

The lightest and most compact balloon commercially available!


A superlight, tiny but powerful 21st century burner!

The only Vectored Thrust Unit for balloons commercially available today!

The only balloon you can ride home!

The coolest and most affordable complete balloon set-up for the sport enthusiast!

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