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Building your own aircraft is one of those things that... well, let's put it this way: that might represent one of your life's biggest accomplishments! There are thousand of homebuilt airplanes in the world, and few hundreds of home-made balloons as well, with active communities of builders in several countries! You'll be part of a big family!

Building your own hot air balloon is however hardly comparable with the complexity of building an airplane, and the needed skill set has nothing to do with it. Basically , you just need to master sewing (and you can learn on the go with your first project!). The satisfaction of flying a balloon you've built yourself, is hard to describe, just imagine... Not to mention the money saving aspect!

FlyDOO innovates  by introducing the Quick-Build concept to the ballooning homebuilding market. You can get a balloon you can finish faster, and be in the air on a machine designed with top technology and produced with  ultralight cutting edge materials using precise laser cutting process. Not only that, but you can get your balloon kit produced in any color combination, without the cumbersome limitation of  having to purchase a roll of fabric for each color you intend to use in your balloon!

All items for finishing your kit are included  in the delivery of your kit! 

This section will be soon feature more ressources, please check back soon or contact us for more information. Kits are already available for order!      You can download our brochure here.

If you are confined and have some extra time to spend home, you should seriously consider building your next hot air balloon now! :-)

why there hasn't been a better time to build your

own hot air balloon!

New! Save tons of building time with our quick-build kits!
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