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The idea is simple, we are bringing down ballooning to the smallest and simplest package possible. It is about size, and about fun. Minimize size, maximize fun. But without compromising passive safety and comfort. The basket for every adventurer, the perfect travel gear for your next trip. The sexy toy for any single balloonist looking for something new and different, but tremendously fun. Available in kit!

How we did it: taking advantage from the experience we cumulated in our proven ECO XL basket design, we wanted to achieve a smaller single place iteration, but consistently cheaper than the ECO XL, despite being as strong and reliable as its bigger brother. Affordability was a must, as our ambition is to make this available to the wider possible public: every ballooninst deserves to own a Hoppy to be happy! For this reason we renounced to titanium in favor of stainless steel, and we removed the access door and the bottow wood skids (in exchange the size of tubes has not been reduced). You still benefit from a fiberglass honeycomb anti-slip bottom floor surface, composite fiberglass sandwich protection walls and internal EVA foam padding, gas tank built-in attachment hooks and pockets for fire-extinguisher, coffee thermos, and safety equipment. The sides are covered with heavy duty waterproof fabric, the upper part around the tubes is padded for extra comfort, and the upper poles are equipped with padded fabric covers. For assembly, 8 nylon poles provide the necessary spacing. The load-carrying function is guaranteed by 8 diagonal webbings on the bottom and 4 verticals from the upper frame to the burner frame, all with stainless steel hardware. The burner frame is available with FlyDOO's spring carabiner attachments or with traditional 6mm stainless steel plate with 2 holes (one for the flying wires, one for tethering).

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EASA Annex 1

Legendary finishing and attention to detail

Choosing Hoppy means choosing quality, attention to detail, and functionnality. The basket can easily be assembled or disassembled to lay flat in less than 5 minutes. It is supplied with a heavy duty bag with handles, and 2 specific bags for the nylon poles and the pole covers. The perfect match to the PockJET burner and a ultralight small size envelope,  to fit in the back of any SUV or large car! 



  • Available as Quick-build kit (easy to assemble with common tools) or RTF

  • Gas tank attachments on all 4 sides (instead of only 2)

  • Choice of FlyDOO envelope spring attachment or generic plate with holes 

  • External foot step for easy access

  • External handles for easy of movement on the groud




  • Cylinders (ask for options)

  • PockJET burner

  • 2Kg powder fire extinguisher

  • 80ft drag rope with carabiner and bag

  • First aid kit

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