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a combined effort to relaunch our sport

We at FlyDOO are passionate people, like all of you that in a way or in another dedicate some of your time and many efforts to ballooning federations around the world. We all love ballooning, and we both think it is a sport that deserves more success and awareness. 

We work hardly to provoque a "new age" in ballooning, and to stimulate the industry in general to go lightweight and to offer appealing products for a leisure flying target. But industry is only one part of the equation, even if an important one. Then there are the flight schools, obviously: they need support, coordination and assistance. And then, a necessarry legal framework is necessary as well. This is actually already in place for light sport ballooning in many western countries, but not in all of them: this means there might be still some work to do to get it recognized. 

Ballooning Federations play a key role in the progress of the sport, in its promotion, in its coordination, and in representing that important link between users and Authorities. We are open, excited and willing to communicate with them all in order to evaluate common strategies for the promotion of the sport and for making it more accessible. Starting from, if necessary, giving support for getting a Light Sport "simplified" balloon class recognized by the local Authorities: we have some experience with that and we are open to share it with you in order to reach goals of common interest. By now, you must probably be convinced that FlyDOO might represent the perfect captivating tool for bringing a new generation of pilots to the sport. 

We have designed some specific promotional programs that you might want to learn about, that are designed to bring FlyDOO closer to your Federation, and  your Federation closer to your public. If you want to know more please get in touch with us. Let us not lose this momentum and opportunity, and let's work together to make "light sport ballooning"  the next big thing!

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