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FlyDOO Sarl is a privately owned start-up founded in 2018 based in Tallard, a village in the sunny and alpine south-east landscape of France, also known as one of the most active sites in the leisure aviation sport and business. FlyDOO specializes in the design and production of innovative equipment for sport hot air ballooning, currently offering balloons under EASA Annex 1 Amateur Build category: our balloons are delivered in 49% Quick-Build Kits. FlyDOO currently produces the lightest equipment available in the market, and also the only vectored thrust unit for hot air balloons.

The company is one of French innovative start-ups being labeled "The French Tech", having been granted public founding for research and developement in its domain of operations. The company is currently building up its commercial network, while it keeps an active effort in Type Certification and in research and development with a rich roadmap of new product releases for the next future. The company definitely seeks to become a strong industrial actor in the "entry level" sport/leisure segment of the hot air ballooning market, by paying special attention to customer's needs and desires for their ballooning practice, and by delivering what suits them the most. 

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Meet FlyDOO at the following events:

AERO2021    (Friedrichshafen, Germany)    April 21-24  2021

Check back often for new events and dates. Even if things look calm for the next months due to Covid... 

Past events: 

Libro Balloon Cup    (Kirchberg, Austria)     September 26- October 4  2020     

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